• Theatre Out Of The Shadows

    A New Kind of Classical Festival

  • Let Us Tempt You...


    ...with a NEW kind of classical theatre festival featuring female playwrights.


    That’s right! Women were classical playwrights too!

    Documented from as early as the 10th century.


    We’ve prepared this festival

    of unknown works to share with hungry patrons,

    ready to gobble up a new take on Classical Theatre.



  • 4 Influential Playwrights

    who shaped, and are shaping the world of theatre

    4 Periods in herstory

    from antiquity to the apocalypse

    4 Countries

    Germany, Scotland, Japan and of course, Canada

    4 Virtual Offerings

    Workshops, previews, radio plays and conversations.

  • The Plays

    Plays will have at least one virtual performance


    Written in the 10th century AD 970 by Roswitha,

    the first known female playwright



    Go back in time with Callimachus, a one-of-a-kind, on-the-move, immersive theatre experience. Explore Main Street Newmarket to discover Callimachus and his obsession that leads him (and you!) to his ultimate fate.


    Small audiences meet at Newmarket Library where they check in and recieve an iPad that they will share with one other guest or use on their own. Tour guides will then lead them down a path that introduces them to Callimachus and his world of love, guilt and sacrifice. Ending at a secret location, audiences discover who the real martyr truly is.


    'Now you are in my power, now I can pour out my love on you.' ~Callimachus


    This dark yet comedic play will be presented as an interactive live performance/video experience.

    A unique combination of medieval and digital creativity told through live performance/pre-recorded theatre, providing participants an opportunity to experience a very classical work in a thoroughly modern way.


    The Dream

    Written in 1812 by

     Joanna Baillie



    The Dream is Joanna Baillie’s gothic meditation on fear, guilt, and the prophetic power of dreams. In the confines of a Swiss monastery, a small group of monks share the same prophetic dream: a forlorn apparition reaches out to them with a mysterious and potentially life-threatening ultimatum. The dream comes every night, and yet its true intent remains hazy and unknown. When these dreams lead them to a buried corpse, the monastery tumbles down a blood-spattered path of vengeance, betrayal, and unbridled terror.


    'Thou camest like a blessed Spirit to deliver me from many horrors.' ~ Osterloo



    The audience is not just the audience, no, no my friends, please select which part you will be joining for The Dream.


    Soldiers - mildly interactive, nothing major

    Monks - less interactive

    Peasants - the least interactive


    Read ONLINE

    Restless Night

    In Late Spring

    Written in 1928 by

    Fumiko Enchi



    This Canadian premiere debuts at Markham's Varley Art Gallery.


    Two woman debate the virtues of creating art or abandoning it all to become a political activist, both coming close to understanding each other, though never quite seeing eye to eye.


    "The more the storms rage on the outside, the deeper the tranquility I'll maintain on the inside." 




    Written in 2020 by 

    Kim Senklip Harvey



    This high-energy, Indigenous, matriarchal story follows two urban Indigenous sisters and a lawless trickster who face our world head-on as they come to terms with what it means to honour who they are and where they come from.


    Winner of a Governor General's Literary Award.


    “I created Kamloopa to ignite the power that lives within Indigenous femmes and peoples. This transformation story is an offer for all of us to be bold and passionate about having the courage to fully become ourselves.”

    -Kim Senklip Harvey





    935 - 1002

    Hrotsvitha, also known as Roswitha was an historian, dramatist and poet from the Ottonian Dynasty. She is the first known female playwright.

    Working in Latin, she wrote legends, comedies and plays. She kept her writings secret until the Abbess encouraged her to present her works publicly. After their initial presentations, Hrotsvitha's plays were mostly forgotten until 1500 when they were rediscovered by German scholar Corradus Celtis.

    Hrotsvitha's works presented a Christian alternative to the pagan writings of Roman playwright Terence. Where Terence told stories about women who were weak and morally corrupt, Hrothsvitha’s focused on virtuous women with strong faith and who persevered through adversity.

    Deeply influenced by Latin and Greek legends of the early church, Hrotsvitha’s plays explore themes of sacrifice and martyrdom.

    As one of few women to have written about her life during the Middle Ages, Hrotsvitha’s work provides one of the only first-hand perspectives of women from that time.


    Joanna Ballie

    1762 - 1851

    Joanna Baillie was a Scottish playwright, critic and poet. She didn’t learn to read until she attended a Glasgow boarding school when she was ten years old. From there she began writing plays and developing her abilities in math, music and art.

    Eventually becoming one of the most acclaimed literary figures of her day for her prolific dramatic and poetic works, Baillie began her career writing poems and plays anonymously.

    In trying to determine authorship of Ballie’s works, one of the key suspects was Sir Walter Scott. Although it was a great surprise to the literary community when the author’s identity manifested in the form of an unassuming thirty-six-year-old Scottish spinster, once recognized, Baillie was hailed as the finest female poet since Sappho. She was admired for her intelligence, wit and sharp grasp of human foibles by the likes of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, John Stuart Mill and Maria Edgeworth. Both Haydn and Beethoven set her songs to music and her 25 plays and dozens of poems went on to become renowned enough for translation in other languages.



    Fumiko Enchi

    1905 - 1986

    Japanese novelist best known for her depiction of women’s struggles within Japanese society.

    Her first interest was in the theatre, and she effectively began her literary career in 1926, when she submitted a play to a competition. About this time she embraced left-wing political beliefs that proved to be at odds with her privileged family background.

    Her story “Himojii tsukihi” (1953; “Days of Hunger”) earned Enchi her first public acclaim. More success came with the novel Onnazaka (1957; “Female Slope”; Eng. trans. The Waiting Years), an account of a woman of the Meiji period (1868–1912) who defers to all her husband’s wishes, even choosing mistresses for him. The novel, based in part on the life of Enchi’s grandmother, is beautifully written. It not only won Enchi a literary prize but freed her from the dreariness of her own life and enabled her to embark on a literary career. Onnamen (1958; “Female Mask”; Eng. trans. Masks) depicts, by invoking the various female masks used in the Noh dramas, different unhappy women. Enchi’s early background in Japanese classical literature is revealed in her allusions not only to the Noh plays but to the 11th-century classic Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji).

    Kim Senklip Harvey


    Kim Senklip Harvey is a proud Syilx and Tsilhqot’in Nation member with Ancestral ties to the Dakelh, Secwepemc and Ktunaxa communities. She is a Indigenous Theorist, Cultural Evolutionist and storyteller whose work focuses on the ignition of Indigenous power and innovating methodological processes with artistic sovereignty to create narratives that nourish the spirits of peoples oppressed by the imperial state. Kim is currently working on a tv adaptation of her award winning play, Kamloopa, she is completing her first prose and poetry book entitled Interiors: Love Stories from a Salish Plateau Dirtbag, she is developing an Indigenous love tv series On The Plateau and is in pre-production for her next artistic ceremony Break Horizons: A Rocking Indigenous Justice Ceremony. All of her work is with respect to her Ancestors and the future generations, to whom we owe so much.

  • digital Offering


     Written in the 10th century AD 970 by Roswitha,

    the first known female playwright



    Sapientia and her three young daughters are newly arrived in Rome to spread the word about the one and only true god. But words are weapons. The emperor Hadrian decrees they must be stopped. After cajoling and entreating fail, the most brutal tortures and humiliations ever devised are brought to bear on the children; the youngest of whom is only eight years old. Can the martyr’s palm prevail against the might of Rome? Where does true power lie – with the armies of an empire or in the strength of belief in the hearts of young children?


    We will be re-releaseing two 30 minute versions of the play in the form of an audio drama. R-Rated and PG.



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    Note 2: Virtual experiences will be recorded and available post-fest

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  • Deep Dive Into the Plays



    May 6th, 7pm - 8pm

    May 7th, 7pm - 8pm

    May 8th, 4pm - 5pm

    May 13th, 7pm - 8pm

    May 14th, 7pm - 8pm

    May 15th, 4pm - 5pm


    Check In: Newmarket Public Library, 20 minutes prior to showtime


    Talkback sessions following Sunday performances



    Playwright Roswitha

    Director: Maissa Bessada

    Featuring: Alex Floras-Matic, Ethan Keyes, John Morris, Trina Moyan, Harold Tausch

    Film: Faith Howe

    Designer: Erin Jones



    This content was created in the 18th century and may be disturbing to some due to the material and involves gender stereotypes. Discretion is advised.



    Cachet Supper Club is our Restaurant Partner. Why not add a delicious pre or post meal to your theatre experience?



    500 Water St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1M5

    Resevations: opentable.ca

    This venue is very close to the play's ending and a five minute walk to the play's beginning.


    TALKBACK sessions with the cast and creative team will follow the SUNDAY shows at Cachet Supper Club.

    The Dream


    May 27 & 28th


    Outdoor performances:

    Friday 7pm

    Saturday 2pm/5pm


    Location: The Kortright Centre For Conservation, Woodbridge



    Playwright Joanna Baillie

    Director Alex Karolyi

    Featuring Tom Morris, Chantal Forde, Rosina Ferede, Jona Villa, Sofia Vacca, McKenna Ramsay, Andile Win, Brian Fukuzawa, Matt Lazaris-Brunner

    Musician The Chmst

    Designer Erin Jones



    This content may be disturbing to some due to the sensitive material and language used. Topics including murder, assault and the paranormal are included. Discretion is advised.

    This material has be highly modified. Ages 13+




    Restless Night In Late Spring


    Friday July 8th, 7pm

    Saturday July 9th, 1pm & 4pm


    *Talkback session following



    Location: The Varley Art Gallery



    Playwright Fumiko Enchi

    Director Brenda Kamino

    Featuring TBA



    This content may be disturbing to some due to the material and language used. Discretion is advised.

    This material is unmodified. Ages 12+








     Saturday Juy 23rd


    Staged Reading


    Location: Black Creek Pioneer Village



    Playwright Kim Senklip Harvey

    Director Frances Koncan

    Featuring TBA



    May 1st - 31st


    A radio play with two ratings


    A 30 min R-Rated radio performance. This material has be lightly modified.


    A 30 min PG radio performance. This material has be modified.

    Ages 14+


    Note 1: Links will be sent to registrants in which to access the play.


    Note 2: Regarding the R-rated version, the torture and brutality of the work will be fully explored. The PG version will feature a gentler version of the work with the violence implied.



    Playwright Roswitha

    Director: Maissa Bessada

    Featuring Mandy Roveda, McKenna Ramsay, Tahlia Zaloski, Demi-Lee Bainbridge, John Echano, Gordon Harper and Blair Woodward



    This content was created as early as the 10th century and may be disturbing to some due to the brutality of the subject matter and language used. Enactments of abuse, violence and torture in the name of religion are included in the form of loud and/or disquieting sounds. Discretion is advised. 


  • Covid Message


    Shadowpath has taken the following precautions to ensure the safety of our artists and audiences as currently stated by the province and The Region of

    York’s Public Health Safety Measures

  • We would like to acknowledge the earliest story-tellers that lived on the lands we now occupy. These are the traditional lands and territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee and the Anishinaabe peoples.


    Like many of the people who first strode this land, the plays we will be presenting throughout this festival, Theatre Out Of The Shadows, were discounted or forgotten through the ages.

    Yet they have survived,

    and now thrive with renewed appreciation and respect.


    In the words of intersectional feminist Audre Lourde,

    “We are powerful because we have survived, and that is what it is all about – survival and growth.


    For this we give our deepest gratitude

    as we grow toward a more inclusive, resilient tomorrow.


    To quote a Haudenosaunee thanksgiving address:


    We put our minds together and give thanks to our oldest Grandmother,

    the Moon, who lights the nighttime sky

    She is the leader of women all over the world,

    and she governs the movement of the ocean tides.

    By her changing face we measure time,

    and it is the Moon who watches over the arrival of children here on Earth.


    With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to our Grandmother, the Moon.


    Now our minds are one.

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